Quickly Determine Your Applicants' Financial Responsibility


Pretty blonde woman rolling up a carpet to prepare to move house.jpegTo simplify your life and help save you money, reports are available for order in 3 packages that are perfect to get an objective review of each applicant.

A consumer credit report is an excellent resource to see whether your applicants have a history of paying their bills on time, and demonstrate overall financial responsibility that you can trust.



For $7.50, Every Consumer Credit Report includes:

  • A credit report from your choice of Experian™, TransUnion®, or Equifax®.
  • FICO Score 9 or the VantageScore 3.0
  • Risk score model
  • A fraud search to verify your applicant has provided accurate information
  • Experian RentBureau RentReveal report* to show applicants' rental payment history.

*RentBureau RentReveal included only on Experian credit reports.

To learn more about the benefits of CIC's basic credit report, fill out the form and one of our represenatives will reach out shortly!