Nationwide Eviction, Criminal, and SSN Data Ready for Integration!

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For over 2 decades CIC has made a priority out of refining our proprietary databases. Your business has a need for fast, accurate and reliable information that can be delivered seamlessly to your clients. CIC has become the experts in delivering the highest quality data products at the most competitive prices available on the market.


Nationwide Eviction Access to 36+ million records to provide actionable intelligence derived from landlord-tenant records from every major jurisdiction in the country. The data includes past court actions, unlawful detainer, monetary judgments, court-ordered possesion, property damage claims, and more.
Nationwide Criminal A powerful dual search provided by a single inquiry. Integration to the nationwide criminal database scan gives your clients a robut alias search utilizing our heuristic matching system to ensure the highest accuracy possible. An impresive, high-speed, multi-jurisdictional search of national and local databases provides a complete and accurate portrait of any applicant.
SSN Trace A powerful search from a database of 1,000,000,000+ records compiled from hundreds of sources including utility companies, USPS, and more.
Delivery Options You can access CIC's proprietary databases by selecting from some of our most commonly utilized programming options, or by letting us know what you need so we can customize a solution that works. The most common integration options CIC offers are through an XML Gateway, API Integration, White-Branded Screening Platform, or a Co-Branded Solution.

To learn more about the CIC's wholesale court data solutions, fill out the form and one of our representatives will reach out shortly!